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Buddyfight Fan comic.
Chapter 1- Future card

In a world where a card game that has connected through planetary dimensions . As multiples dimension's has different monster's that are separated from one and another....
those monsters are called buddyfight monster that through human interaction's they call us their buddy partners. As in the world the famous card game has evolve greatly into a success. now this take's us towards neo japan where buddy fight has become a way to live with one and another , where a group of young teenager's from highschool Togukawa where young teenager come and study the game of Buddyfight, and ofcourse mathematics with the game.

This will take us with a young man called Hoan Kisaragi of age 18 who has not chosen to get into the game of buddyfight since all his family member's are buddyfighter's who has high expectation's on him...Including his younger brother Zanya kisaragi. A wielder of the Katana world where his buddy monster Tsukikage is a ninja of cybernectic's.

Tsukikage appears into the page and says''Nin" Tsukikage shows a scroll saying "Enjoy the chapter"


"HOAN PAY ATTENTION!" A loud yelled can be heard across the room as a young man with black hair with green eyes was looking outside the window as he turn's his attention to the one who yelled his name."What do you want?" Hoan asked to person who is the teacher of the class."I need you to pay attention to class! Or get out my class room!" The teacher claim to the student.

Hoan looked at the teacher eyes and then open his text book while the teacher asked him a mathematical question to him saying"Answer me this equation Hoan Kisaragi! whats the answer of 4700X22+5500 and x 400 and you have only five seconds to answer" The teacher grins in his pride wanting Hoan to failed and laugh at his face , but slowly the teacher temptation to arrogance failed as Hoan answer his question''43560000" Hoan answer in 3 seconds as the teacher drops the textbook to the ground and yell in exclamation's "HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS!"

"May i go now?" Hoan groans out of boredom as he looked at the teacher.

" may go..Hoan Kisaragi" The teacher stated as he growl in shame from his disowned that Hoan just did to him."Next time i wont go so easy on you" A grin on the teacher lips is noticed as hoan get's up from his desk and walked out of his class room."I hope so, the class is getting boring anyways." Hoan stated as he walked out the door into the school hall's as he was headed towards the roof of the school taking a few stair till he arrives to the 10th floor. "Hmmm..." Hoan looked trough out the bar's  as the city is seen spreading wide trough the beauty and calm state.

"Hey HOAN!" A voice is heard from the stair's corridor as a young man with blue eyes and black hair comes out wearing a black shirt and jacket with black jean's."You got out early that usually? "

"Hmmm David? Why are you out of your classes?" Hoan asked as he looked at his friend."Did you sneak out?''

"Nah i just finished a exam and left , but the school getting boring as buddyfighter's graduated and we dont have any good competition" David said as he let out a soft groan of disappointment.

"...." Hoan just stood there in silence as his friend David just gave a wild smirk he sees his friend Hoan sweating more faster than a guy running for his life.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Hoooan, Wanna play Buddyfight?" David asked as a wild grin can be seen on his face as he got up front of hoan.

"But why!" Hoan yelled in fright  "I wont play buddyfight!....I cant...I..." Hoan word's sway abit as he looked at the ground in doupt's.

"Because you need to have fun! cmon! we will go Castle and buy you a pack ok?" David said to his friend as smiled crossing his lips  as he slowly pats his friend in the back as they head towards castle in the mall.

"Hey guys! how are ya!" the castle manager walked towards them with a smiled around his face."How are ya David? oh who is this? a friend?"

"Yeah his name Hoan Kisaragi, he's Zanya older brother. He wants to play buddyfight" David stated as he smiled while he pats on his friend shoulder."What deck do you recommend for him?"

"Oh um...That i cant say it actually depends on his characteristic's. Um What do you like more Hoan?" The Manager asked to Hoan as he brings up 4 packs of buddyfight with different flags design's that they are"Danger,Dragon,Magic,Katana worlds pack's"

"Um...hmm...Ill guess ill pick this one." Hoan just picked the pack with the katana world emblem as the store manager told him to open it"Let's see if you pulled something great!" The Manager like always get's hyped as he sees brand new cards.

"Alright then, let see what i pull..."*Hoan looked around the cards as suddenly a white flash light glows from the card in the end as suddenly all they could hear was"Nin Nin"

"No way! you pulled NANO MACHINE!Tsukikage! MAN! YOU PULLED A BUDDY!" The  manager hype couldnt be more hyperactive that just made him faint out of epicness.

"Wait...he just like my brother buddy monster." Hoan looked at Tsukikage as he for a moment couldn't speak until.

"Nin" Tsukikage reveal's a scroll slowly opens it says"Look behind you"

Hoan turns around as the buddy police was there with a core gadget for him as the police officer was none other than"Tasuku Ryuenji" David said as he looked at the blue hair man who is famous among all buddyfighter and policemen's.

"I see you pulled a buddy monster, here you have earn this privilege to become a buddy fighter. " Tasuku stated as he walked towards hoan as for a moment tasuko saw a familiar face in Hoan "Your Zanya brother aren't you? well pleasure meet you, i hope you become a great buddyfighter"

"Thank's " all that Hoan could say was a thank you as he couldn't believe what he doing as he accepted a new way to live from now on as a buddyfighter."But ill have to make a deck"

Tasuku chuckle for a moment as it reminded him of Gao's first time becoming a buddyfighter and challenging him with out a deck"Yes i believe your friend's will help you with that. But just always believe in your buddy and never give up." Tasuku stated with a smiled as Hoan accepted the core gadget as it become's a black katana."Just like your brother's...except's its black" Said Tasuku as he noticed his friend handing Hoan a deck.

"Hoan! this a katana world deck i been using for a long time! it has four copies of Tsukikage, with this you can buddy fight now..How about it! Wanna have a buddyfight?" David asked Hoan for a match of their live's as their friendship will take into a new level ."Cmon will be fun!"

"How could i say no to you David, Fine ill buddy fight you"

"GREAT! Lets ask if we could use the stage!" David ran towards the manager as he soon woke up from his faint as he granted them permission to use the buddy stage. As they soon winded up to the stage to Opposite grounds. as the crowed slowly come and watch the two friends buddyfight."Oh? a buddyfight? This going to be fun!"

"THIS GOING TO BE A FIGHT TO REMEMBER!NOW RAISE THE FLAG!" Said the Store manager yelling from the outside of the fightstage.

"LEGEND WORLD!" Yelled David as he raised the flag from Legend world.

"KATANA WORLD!" Yelled Hoan as Tsukikage holding the flag of katana world.

''Nin'' Said Tsukikage holding a scroll with one hand saying. "Lets fight and have fun".

"Ill start it off!, Draw! Charge and draw! I call to the Knight of the round table, Gawain! Attack the fighter!'' David yelled as Gawain raised his sword and dashes toward's hoan and says''A knight will never back down.'' as he caused two damage to Hoan life points dropping it towards 8 life point's.

"Ill end my turn, your move Hoan. Let's see what you got!'' david yelled in excitement.

"Alright now! draw!" hoan draws a card from the core deck as i luminize at front of him as hoan couldn't decided to charge a card or to stay with his hand.."Alright charge! and draw!"*He trows the card to the charge are as he then call's Stealth ninja Kirikakure Saizo in the left and center as the left ninja attack Gawain into a deadly battle of blade versus dagger's kunai as in the end the knight fallen as the other Kirikakure attack the fighter causing him 2 points of damage as then David life point drops to 8.

"Nice move!" Yelled david having the time of his life.
Drawing i make in 10 minutes by KILLER13NINJA
Drawing i make in 10 minutes
Practicing for my Human Anatomy class and showing my girlfriend what i learn :D
Im quitting yugioh.


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