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Im a DND player MTG,CFV,BF Card game Player.

Dungeon and Dragon's 

Magic the Gathering

Card fight vanguard

Kunoski by KILLER13NINJA
Practicing and a remake of a character i own with art of Atonman888
Every cardfighter must have a 50 card deck to play Vanguard and must not have more than 4 cards per copy of a card.
Every deck mus have 16 card triggers like Critical,Draw,Stand,Heal. But by obligation you must have 4 heal triggers on your deck.

You can run as you like of critical numbers and draws or stands triggers but total ammount  of triggers must be 16.

Now you may only run 4 PG called Perfect guard

Sentinels means that the card is a perfect guard and you may only run 4 of this name Sentinel as his effect means when you guard a attack you cant reach with guard number where arrow is as it says 0 means it will Nullify it automatically.

A deck must consist A deck fulfilling "Clan Fight" regulation must consist of cards that all belong to the same clan of your choice.


Royal Paladins if your making a deck of Royal paladin deck your must be only royal paladin deck if your making other decks you must only run that clan.

Now explaining the ride phases 

From grade 0 your vanguard on your turn you can ride a grade 1 unit on top of that vanguard so it will turn into your new vanguard.


on your other turn you may ride towards second grade if you have one in your hand 

and in your third turn you may ride a grade 3 as your vanguard

When you ride a vanguard from grade 2 you may only call units from 2 towards below but if the vanguard or unit has a skill to call a grade above then you may do so.

Now this is grade 3 ride now you may call any grade that you want into the game.

now ill explain about guarding with your hand.

The opponent can Call Guardians from their hand to protect the Unit under attack. The opponent may play any number of cards from their hand to add their Shield power to the power of the unit under attack. The Shield power is found in the yellow square on the left side of the card. Some units have no Shield Power and cannot be called as Guardians. The Guardians must also have a grade equal to or lower than that of your Vanguard. Called Guardians should be placed in the Guardian Circle to keep track of the during the fight. There is no cost to Call Guardians, but all called Guardians will be retired to the Drop Zone at the end of the battle.

The opponent may also use the 'Intercept' ability (specific to Grade 2). If you have a unit in a Rear-Guard Circle in the Front Row that has the Intercept ability, you may move them from there to the Guardian circle and their Shield will be added to your unit's power as well. Just like other Guardians, they will be retired to the Drop Zone after the battle. Units with Intercept can intercept even if they are Resting. You cannot Intercept with your Vanguard and thus having an Intercept icon gives no benefit to a Vanguard.

Main Phase

  • Call

Place a Unit with a Grade that is either the same as the Vanguard's or lower in a Rear-Guard circle. You may Call as many times as you want in a turn. Unless stated on the card, there is no cost to Call a unit. You may Call a unit into a Rear-Guard Circle that is already occupied, but if you do, you must Retire the unit already there (ie, move it to the Drop Zone).

(Some cards allow you to Superior Call.  When you Superior Call, you can Call a unit even if its Grade is higher than that of your Vanguard.)

  • Demote/Promote

You can move your Rear Guard units back or forward between the Front Row and the Back Row. Units cannot move from side to side and cannot move into or out of the Vanguard Circle. Thus if a Unit is on the Circle behind the Vanguard, it cannot move at all. Two Rear Guards in the same column may switch places.

  • Use card abilities

Card abilities which are described as being used in the main phase can be used at this point.

  • End the Main Phase

When you have taken all the actions you want to in the Main Phase, the Battle Phase starts and the main phase is over.

Battle Phase

In the Battle Phase you can make as many attacks as you wish provided you have units that can attack. Once you have started the Battle Phase you cannot go back to the Main Phase or take Main Phase actions (so you cannot attack with a unit and then Demote it)

  • Attack icon Attack:

To initiate an attack select a Standing unit in the Front Row and Rest them Rest 2. Then declare an Opponent's Front Row card to be the Target of the Attack (unless otherwise stated on the attacking unit's card).

  • Boost:

If you have a card Standing in the Back Row directly behind the attacker you chose, and they have the "Boost" icon, you can also Rest them to add their Power to the Attacker's Power for the attack.

Drive checking

f you attacked with your Vanguard, you perform a Drive Check. Reveal the top card of your Deck and place it temporarily in your Trigger Zone. If the card is a Trigger Unit and is of a Clan that is also in your Vanguard or Rear-Guard, then its Trigger effect activates. Regardless of whether the card is a Trigger Unit or not, add the card to your Hand after resolving it.

For effect of triggers and how they work, you may read it here. If your Vanguard has the Twin Drive icon, two Drive Checks are performed. If a trigger is activated by the first check, the effects of the trigger must be completely resolved before a second trigger is drawn. For example, when a draw trigger is activated, the player draws a card and allocates the power boost to his units before drawing the second trigger. The Twin Drive icon has no benefit to any unit that isn't played as a Vanguard.

Battle Outcome:

    To determine the winner of the Battle compare the total Power of the two cards. If the Attacking unit's Power is less than that of the Target, the attack fails. The Attacking Unit does not suffer any damage or other penalty. If the Attacking unit's Power is equal to or higher than that of its target, the attack is a success. If the target was a Rear-Guard, it Retires and is sent to the Drop Zone. The attack is then over. The Critical value of the Attacking unit does not matter if the Target was a Rear-Guard. If the attack was a success and the target was a Vanguard, the opponent must make a number of Damage Checks equal to the Critical value of the attacker. To make a Damage Check, the opponent moves a card from their Deck to the Trigger Zone. If the card is a Trigger Unit and is of a Clan that is also in your Vanguard or Rear-Guard, then its Trigger effect activates. Triggers have the same effect as they do for a Drive Check. The Trigger Unit does not have to be the same Clan as the Target. After the Trigger effect is resolved (if there was one), the card is moved into the Damage Zone. This process is repeated as many times as the attacker has Critical value. Each Trigger must be completely resolved before the next Damage Check begins. If a Damage Check reveals a Trigger Unit that gives a +5000 Bonus to a unit, you can use it on the Target if you want to but it will not change the fact that they have lost the current battle. However, it can protect them against future attacks in the same turn. If a Damage Check reveals a Heal trigger you may move a card from the Damage Zone to the Drop Zone before placing the Trigger Unit in the Damage Zone if the number of cards in your Damage Zone is greater than or equal to your opponents. This means that if you have 5 cards in your Damage Zone and you make a Damage Check and get a Heal Trigger, you may heal damage before placing the card in your Damage Zone and thus avoid it being the sixth card to be placed there.

    End of attack phase

    Guardians that were called, or that intercepted, are retired (moved to the Drop Zone). If there are Units on the Front Row that can still attack, you can attack again with them. Declare their targets and repeat the process. Rest 1

    End Phase

    Declare the end of your Turn before switching to the Opponent's turn.

    Note on calling and ridding:

    When calling or riding a new unit over a circle that already contains a unit, there exists a small time frame in which the circle is occupied by two units at the same time. This allows skills that trigger in response to calling/riding a unit that are in the same circle to activate. After all skills have been put in queue for resolution, if you called a rearguard, the old unit is retired and if you rode a vanguard, the old vanguard is put into soul. After these steps are done, proceed to resolve all, if any, skills that are in queue for resolution.

    :iconthezero759: :icondeidara-clone: :iconprincessxajennwolf: this game Devil May cry we were waiting for...Vergil is back


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